Meeting Aug. 9, 2016

Our first meeting of membership month was called to order by sergeant Steve Tippetts. The meeting continued with the usual introductions of guests. After one month in the role President Mike finally gave us the OK to be seated.


  • Membership Meeting at Chelsea’s – Aug. 9
  • Board Meeting at Governor’s Square Board Room – Aug. 10, 6pm

After the announcements we got to learn a little bit more about Rotarian Kevin Henry as he gave his Classification talk. Starting with a heartfelt thank you to his sponsor Will Inniss and Rotarian Dannel Rahamut he gave an absorbing glimpse into his life in finance. He spoke in depth about his love for the organisation and his strong belief in its ideals. Kevin concluded by keeping the room entertained with witty answers to the Q&A section of his talk, followed by another humbling thank you to Rotary club members.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Greg Smith of the YMCA Cayman Islands. Greg, a former Rotarian gave insight into what the YMCA is, its 172 year history and what it has done in the Cayman Islands since its establishment in 2014 as the 119th country to be home to the YMCA. Parallels between the Rotary and the YMCA were apparent and Greg enthusiastically urged members to learn more about “The Y” by visiting their website at and their matching facebook page.

Sergeant-at-Arms Steve brought the evening to a close with the usual fines and happy dollars. A special acknowledgement to Dir. Kim who will be leaving us shortly, you will be missed.

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