Meeting Aug. 23, 2016

Another Tuesday, another wonderful night to be a Rotarian. The meeting started with the traditional introductions of the “Four Way Test” and the “Rotary Grace”. Introduction of visiting Rotarians of which we had a few from our sister club, Rotary Sunrise. A number of guests were present, most memorable was Rotarian Corleen’s guest who was introduced as her “oooh”. A would be banner exchange except for a missing banner thanks Rotarian Desiree, (we’re looking forward to hearing about your visit).

The meeting got underway with Director Carol, giving us a rundown of upcoming social events: Tuesday Aug. 29th we’ll be having our social night at XQ’s, there will be fun activities, happy hour drink prices and more. Rotary Sunrise is having a 70’s 80’s themed Party this Saturday 27th Aug. 2016 at XQ’s from 7 PM onwards. Tickets are CI$10 each. There will be Pizza, Nibbles and a Cash bar. It should be a fun night and a great opportunity for fellowship with Rotarians and Rotaractors from other clubs.
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Alan Davies - THRASS

Director Susie, introduced our guest speaker Alan Davies and wife Hilary from the UK. Alan Davies – a pioneer of THRASS – Teaching Handwriting Reading And Spelling Skills program. Rotary Central sponsored a free seminar for parents and teachers with Mr. Davies as the lead speaker, this was held at the George Town Yacht Club on the 22nd of Aug. 2016. Alan gave an informative, educational and most of all spirited introduction to THRASS explained the inspiration behind it, his personal experiences and how we can help those who face challenges with literacy. One example was dijital vs. digital  another foto vs photo  and how these are mistakes made by productive, intelligent members of our society and personal circles, both adult and kids. We were given charts “tumble turn” (ask a Rotarian that was there), showing how they work and help persons through a Multisensory Approach by linking the Visuals of the Charts with Auditory inputs of clapping. During the Q & A Rotarian Kent, gave his personal experience, one that many of us can relate to on some level. To learn more about this program visit THRASS.CO.UK anlong with their YouTube page

World Affairs Seminar

Rotarian Carl Brown, introduced us to a few of the students whom we co-sponsored with the Water Authority of Cayman to represent the Cayman Islands at the recent World Affairs Seminar held in Wisconsin, USA.

2017-18 Election Nomination

This meeting was a business meeting, as such it would focus on discussing pertinent matters relating to the the club, this made it the perfect time to allow past president Paul Byles to introduce and lead the nomination process for the incoming 2017-18 Rotary Central Board. Nominations began and the excitement was evident, back to back nominees were proposed and seconded. The nominations were as follows:


PP John Elliott nominated for Director, by PP Sandy Seconded by PP Naude
Cindy Mcfield nominated by PE Susie for Secretary, seconded by Dir Tundé
Will Innis nominated for PE by PE Susie,  seconded by IPP Sandy
Paul Arbo nominated for Treasurer by PE Susie, second by Sue Holmes
PP Naude nominated for Director by Carol, seconded by Nickii
Khaleshia nominated for Director by Colin, seconded by Corleen
Colin nominated for VP by Khalesha, seconded by Sue Holmes
Corleen nominated for Director by Danel Rahamut, seconded by PP Mario

Wrapping up

The moderation section of the business meeting was lead by President Mike followed by the vote of thanks. Steve Tippetts or Sergeant proceeded with the fines which had many happy dollars, IPP Sandy’s guest Naveen was again enthused to be at this his third meeting and gave his dollar. Kent welcomed back PP Neville and eagerly relinquished his reign as senior present member of the club.

As always another fun night with friends and guests was concluded with the national song and a toast to Rotary International.

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