Bus Shelter Cleanup

That’s right “BUS SHELTER” not “BEACH”. As Rotarians we love to a clean environment, part of the reason we spend so much time doing beaches and parks and various cleanups in and around our community. It was with this in mind that we decided to place a little more focus on an existing project of our own.

Paul (Bus Shelter Guru) Keeble and his team of Rotarians spend numerous hours creating and maintaining the 80+ bus shelters across Grand Cayman. With this many shelters requiring maintenance from the damage from sea air and general wear and tear we’ve made Bus Shelter Cleanups a project on it’s own.

On Saturday the 13th of August we kicked off to this year’s cleaning and maintenance of shelters, Rotarians visited a total of five shelters.

It was a rainy Saturday morning, with weather reports showing no indications of breaks for the weekend the crew proceeded. Vice President William Inniss lead the cleanup, the process involved the removal of any trash located in the general area, removal of panels, hi-pressure power washing provided by E&E Car Wash, replacing panels then no pun intended but rinse and repeat. As the day went on the rains made the rinse process that much easier.

As messy as the shelters were it was rewarding to know that they were being used. Day one of our project ended with five wonderfully cleaned shelters and a couple of drenched Rotarians.

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