Board Members (2016-17)

Tunde McDonald
Director - Public Image
Rotary and Friendships… I love Rotary because it allows like minded individuals to cultivate the most basic of human needs, the need for friendship and fellowship! Through Rotary there are Read More
Brendan Lee
Director - Community Service
Why you love Rotary? I love Rotary because it gives me the opportunity to give back to my community, not just my immediate local community but really the global community. Read More
Cindy Paulette McField
I love Rotary because…it allows me to share my warm, bubbly, fun loving personality with people I meet. I love helping others in any way I can and Rotary gives Read More
Katherine Dilbert
Director of Vocational Service
I love Rotary because… I am able to share my passion for literacy and education through helping others both in my community and internationally. Rotary inspires me and I hope Read More
Paul Arbo
I love Rotary because…of my engaged and fun fellow Rotarians and the dedication that they show to service over self. I find them to be very inspiring and enjoy seeing Read More
Sandy Cram
Immediate Past President
I love Rotary because… I have been able to give back to my community and meet some wonderful people. Rotary inspires me every day as it is a privilege to Read More
Steve Tippetts
Sergeant at Arms
I love Rotary because… We have such a diverse membership able to achieve so much for the community!
Susie Bodden
President Elect
Why do you love Rotary? I love Rotary because it enables me to be part of a team working towards helping the community. I gain motivation from like-minded individuals and Read More
William Innniss
2nd Vice President
I love Rotary because… it is an organisation that is driven by its membership. Through these relationships, springs the will to do service in our communities both local and abroad. Read More